The Less is More Tour
31 Aug

October Sun Productions, a local all-encompassing music and event company is thrilled to announce a brand new national South African music tour - The Less is More Tour, featuring the award winning headline band “Parable Fifteen” and support act “Zazz". Together they have been on a successful national tour show casing their original music. The Less is More tour has also been joined by incredible opening acts “The Carmen Rodriguez Band” as well as “Paper Planes”

This show offers a look into Parable Fifteen’s musical journey of modern country/rock music performing original hits such as "Helluva Ride" and some of their latest singles like “Unmistakable” and “Rain”

Parable Fifteen is best described as “Country Rock” or “New Country” and are in the process of recording their third album full length album, “3”, with even more musical growth and a slight change to their original sound.

This list of songs are very focused and refined, deriving from both heartbreak and life moments with more of an indie/rock shaped sound.

Zazz a sensational female Country/Pop artist will fill the very important role on tour of support act. Her live performance of songs from her debut record entitled “These First Steps” will leave you speechless at the sheer talent and depth of songwriting in such a young woman.

Not to mention the incredible “Carmen Rodriguez Band” and “Paper Planes” who will both blow you away with their unique sound and stage presence.

The Less is More tour is not to be missed! Chart-topping band, sultry duo and breath-taking artists! Guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

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Saturday 31 August @ 19:00

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