Zwai Mbula’s “My Heritage Concert” (Musiekskuur)
21 Sep - 21 Sep

The show is of the rich musical heritage of Marimba/percussion and African drum player Zwai Mbula’s rooted in the musical styles of South Africa and Africa.

We have witnessed the exportation of the rhythms and sounds of Africa over several years which has translated and shaped musical traditions all over the world.

The theme for South Africa this year is “Celebrating our 25 years of democracy.

Some of the key themes identified for the 25 years democracy Conference are on Socio Economic Transformation and Citizenship; and Identity.

As part of this celebration of the 25 years democracy Zwai Mbula is contributing back to South Africa through music. Through the original instrument, the Marimba has enlightened and formed part of the African beat and rhythms harnessing and bringing wholeness to the soul.

Thus, these concerts will convey the genuine spirit of South African music through the use of various artists and musical expressions in combination with the main instrument being showcased, the Marimba. These concerts will incorporate the global musical footprints which have their origins in Africa, particularly, the original rhythms and sounds of South Africa.

The original rhythms, sounds and songs of South Africa have been carried on throughout the country’s musical history, and is still greatly present in the music produced in South Africa in today. A central part of this concert purpose is to sustain this originality and convey it to a broad audience.

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Saturday 21 September @ 15:01

Saturday 21 September @ 20:01

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