Bottomless Coffee Band
The style of the Bottomless Coffee Band can be described as acoustic folkrock and afro-blues.

Since the start of their band in 2010, their music has grown and evolved, but it still remains true to their initial vision - to combine different sounds from their treasure chest of instruments to create a full band effect. Seeing the Bottomless Coffee Band on stage reminds of the good old days when Johnny Cash and June Carter ?lled theatres with entertaining folk music.

As two ambitious young students at the University of Stellenbosch, Esté and Lourens met in the University choir. After a few cups of coffee they soon came to realise that they shared much more than their common interest in blues music. Today the happily married couple works as fulltime musicians, pursuing their dream to inspire others through their music. The style of the Bottomless Coffee Band can be described as acoustic folkrock and afro-blues. The band members like to refer to it as gourmet music. This term captures their vision as musicians: to produce an organic sound that is true to themselves, that encourages good times, evokes emotion and sparks deeds of love, hope and change.


The creative duo has a great love for instruments; they are constantly on the look-out for interesting sounds to include in their oeuvre. Currently they play 12 instruments between the two of them, gracing the stage with an impressive display of music-making gadgets, and allowing the sound of a full band. Their instruments include the Farmer foot drums, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, acoustic bass, U-Bass (aka basselele), accordion, ukulele, harmonica and various percussion instruments. They also sing, whilst playing the mentioned instruments, and write their own songs. Their days are ?lled with performances at various functions, including wedding pre-drinks, corporate events, private functions, festivals and public shows. In November 2014 the Bottomless Coffee Band released their ?rst album, Room With A View. This album, consisting of nine original works and two of their most popular covers, documents the ?rst four years of their music career. Being on the road constantly, Esté and Lourens have the privilege of seeing and experiencing our beautiful country and meeting friendly new faces. It is these encounters with nature, people and each other that inspire them to dream up fresh lyrics and beats.


They also draw inspiration from music legends such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Queen, John Mayer, The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons, to name just a few.